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    Overview of research:
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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  • Surgery in General


  • Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University Faculty of Medicine


  • Ph.D in Medicine

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • A case of recurrent malignant phyllodes tumor undergoing nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction, Emi Morioka, Masakuni Noguchi, Miki Noguchi, Masafumi Inokuchi, Ken-ichi Shimada, Akihiro Shioya, Akane Aikawa, Hiroshi Minato, Mitsuharu Earashi, Surgical Case Reports6:297Nov. 2020
  • Minced Skin Grafting for Promoting Wound Healing and Improving Donor-Site Appearance after Split-Thickness Skin Grafting: A Prospective Half-Side Comparative Trial, Miyanaga Toru, Kishibe Miyuki, Yamashita Masanobu, Kaneko Takayoshi, Kinoshita Fumiya, Shimada Kenichi, Plastic and reconstructive surgery144:475-483Aug. 2019
  • Sternal resection and reconstruction for metastasis due to breast cancer: the Marlex sandwich technique and implantation of a pedicled latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap, Motono Nozomu, Shimada Kenichi, Kamata Toru, Uramoto Hidetaka, Journal of cardiothoracic surgery14:79Apr. 2019
  • A fatal case of repeated recurrence of gas gangrene in intravenous catheter insertion sites, Chikako Yoshida, Kaoru Yamashiro, Yuuichi Ikawa, Miyuki Kishibe, Kenichi Shimada, Japanese Journal of Plastic Surgery62:311-317Mar. 2019
  • A novel oncoplastic technique for breast cancer localized in the lower pole of the breast, Masakuni.Noguchi, Yukako.Ohno, Emi.Morioka, Miki.Noguchi, Yasuharu.Nakano, Takeo.Kosaka, Ken-ichi.Shimada, Journal of Surgical Oncology177:137-141Feb. 2018
  • A Perifascial Areolar Tissue Graft With Topical Administration of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor for Treatment of Complex Wounds With Exposed Tendons and/or Bones, Toru Miyanaga, Yasuo Haseda, Haruhisa Daizo, Masanobu Yamashita, Akiko Yamashita, Miyuki Kishibe, Kennichi Shimada, The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery57:104-1102018
  • The Double Volar Flap Technique for Aesthetic Repair of Syndactyly and Polysyndactyly of Toe without Skin Grafting, Toru Miyanaga, Kenichi Shimada, Miyuki Kishibe, Masanobu Yamashita, Akiko Yamashita, PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY5:e1293Apr. 2017
  • Donor Site Morbidity in Cross Finger Flaps, Mikio Yagishita, Haruhisa Daizo, Toru Miyanaga, Kenichi Shimada, J Jpn Soc Surg Hand34:400-404Mar. 2017
  • Perifascial areolar tissue grafting for treating syndactyly with bone fusion in patients with Apert syndrome., T.Miyanaga, K.Shimada, M.Kishibe, H.Daizo, A.Komuro, Journal of plastic surgery and hand surgery50:40-432016
  • Correction of late posttraumatic enophthalmos using an antral balloon, M.Yamashita, H.Daizo, A.Yamashita, M.Kishibe, K.Shimada, The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery26:1365-1369Jun. 2015
  • One-piece bone flap osteotomy using thread wire saw for fronto-orbital advancement with distraction osteogenesis in craniosynostosis, M.Yamashita, T.Akai, M.Kishibe, K.Shimada, Child's Nervous System31:279-283Feb. 2015
  • Incidence of lower eyelid complications after a transconjunctival approach: influence of repeated incisions., M.Yamashita, M.Kishibe, K.Shimada, The Journal of craniofacial surgery.25:1183-1186Jul. 2014
  • The surgical indication for linear orbital floor fractures, A.Nishio, M.Yamashita, K.Shimada30:27-35Mar. 2014
  • A Case of heat press injury of the foot caused by a plastic extruding machine, A.Komuro, Y.Doi, K.Shimada40:51-58Mar. 2014
  • Three-dimensional computed tomography venography as a guide for cranioplasty in parietal cephalocele, M.Yamashita, H.Daizo, K.Shimada, The Journal of craniofacial surgery.25:224-225Jan. 2014
  • Intraoperative acquired pressure ulcer on lower lip: a complication of rhinoplasty, M.Yamashita, A.Nishio, H.Daizo, M.Kishibe, K.Shimada, The Journal of craniofacial surgery.25:e3-e4Jan. 2014
  • Calvarial bone grafts;indications and possible complications., M.Yamashita, K.Shimada56:967-974Sep. 2013
  • Nasal deformity and nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty., M.Yamashita, K.Shimada56:661-665Jun. 2013
  • True prehallux-like deformity of the left foot;a case report., A.Nishio, K.Shimada, M.Yamashita, C.Yoshida, S.Kawakami, S.Nakada, H.Minato56:541-545May 2013
  • Nipple- or skin-sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstraction by the moving window" operation", Y.Ohno, M.Noguchi, M.Yokoi-Noguchi, Y.Nakano, K.Shimada, Y.Yamamoto, S.Kawakami, Breast cancer (Tokyo, Japan)20:54-61Jan. 2013
  • A case of gas gangrene following burn injury, R.Saurai, K.Shimada, S.Kawakami, M.Yamamoto35:46-51Mar. 2009
  • Treatment for chronic abscess after cranioplasty: reconstruction of dura maters using the anterolateral tight flap with fascia lata, K.Shimada, N.Ishikura, T.Heshiki, S.Kawakami, The Journal of craniofacial surgery.18:1305-1308Nov. 2007
  • Diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcoma; dermatofibrosarcoma protuberance, angiosarcoma, liposarcoma, malignant fibrous hystiocytoma, K.Shimada, S.Kawakami50:1153-1164Oct. 2007
  • Facial protection masks after fracture treatment of the nasal bone to prevent re-injury in contact sports, R.Morita, K.Shimada, S.Kawakami, The Journal of craniofacial surgery.18:143-145Oct. 2007
  • The combination effects of hydrogel dressing (ViewgelR) and polyurethane film dressing (CathereepR) on split-thickness skin donor sites, Y.Yamamoto, S.Kawakami, M.Kishibe, K.Shimada55:967-976Jun. 2006
  • Epithelioid sarcoma of the valva : a case report, SHIMADA Kenichi, SKIN CANCER1998
  • Evaluation of K-Wire Fixation for Nasal Bone Fractures Using CT Images, SHIMADA Kenichi1996
  • A Subperiosteal Hematoma of Orihit : A Case Report, SHIMADA Kenichi, The Japanese Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery1994

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