IWAI Kunimitsu

FacultyHealth Evaluation Center, Department of Geriatric Medicine

Researcher Profile & Settings


    Overview of research:
    1. Nuclear matrix has a role of architectural support for the transcriptional apparatus at the promotor regions of the gene. I study the role of nuclear matrix in the microenvironment for transcription of the tissue specific genes in the cardiac hypertorophy and failure and physiological aging of the hippocampal memory formation. 2. I study the role of mental stress in the process of coronary arteriosclerosis and in the onset of acute coronary syndrome from the view point of detrimenral effects of monocyte-derived tissue macrophages.

Special Field

  • Cardioangiology
  • Cardioangiology
  • Cardioangiology
  • Cardioangiology
  • Cell biology
  • General medical chemistry
  • Cardioangiology
  • Cardioangiology


  • Osaka University Graduate School Division of Medicine
  • Osaka University Faculty of Medicine


  • Ph.D in Medicine

Association Memberships

  • 2006The Japan society for biomedical gerontology

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Sep. 2009Kanazawa Medical University. Department of Nursing Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Relationship Between Blood Pressure Levels on Admission and the Onset of Acute Pneumonia in Elderly Patients With Cerebral Hemorrhage, Taishi Ishisaka, Yuta Igarashi, Kumie Kodera, Tazuo Okuno, Takuro Morita, Taroh Himeno, Kazu Hamada, Hiroshi Yano, Toshihiro Higashikawa, Osamu Iritani, Kunimitsu Iwai, Shigeto Morimoto, Masashi Okuro, Journal of Clinical Medicine Research12:693-6982020
  • Relationship Between Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Endoscopic Finding "lodine-Unstained Streak", Kazu Hamada, Tohru Itoh, Ken Kawaura, Hidekazu Kitakata, Hiroaki Kuno, Junji Kamai, Rika Kobayasi, Sadahumi Azukisawa, Taishi Ishisaka, Yuta Igarashi, Kumie Kodera, Tazuo Okuno, Takuro Morita, Taroh Himeno, Hiroshi Yano, Toshihiro Higashikawa, Osamu Iritani, Kunimitsu Iwai, Shigeto Morimoto, Masashi Okuro, Journal of Clinical Medicine Research12:699-7042020
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