HATTA Toshihisa

FacultyDepartment of Anatomy Ⅰ

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    Overview of research:
    Contribution of neurogenic cytokines and growth factors to the development of central nervous system are investigated using the mouse exo utero development system and/or complete artifical rearing system for rodent infants.


  • Shimane University


  • Ph.D in Medicine

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Exposure to Maternal Immune Activation Causes Congenital Unfolded Protein Response Defects and Increases the Susceptibility to Postnatal Inflammatory Stimulation in Offspring, Yo Shimizu, Tsuyoshi Tsukada, Hiromi Sakata-Haga, Daisuke Sakai, Hiroki Shoji, Yutaka Saikawa, Toshihisa Hatta, Journal of Inflammation Research14:355-365Feb. 2021
  • The impact of ovariectomy on olfactory neuron regeneration in mice, Kentaro Yamada, Hideaki Shiga, Takuya Noda, Masayuki Harita, Tomoko Ishikura, Yukari Nakamura, Toshihisa Hatta, Hiromi Sakata-Haga, Hiroki Shimada, Takaki Miwa, Chemical Senses45:203-209Feb. 2020
  • Leukemia inhibitory factor induces corticotropin-releasing hormone in mouse trophoblast stem cells, He Wang, Tsuyoshi Tsukada, Hiroki Shimada, Hiromi Sakata-Haga, Yasuo Iida, Shitai Zhang, Hiroki Shoji, Toshihisa Hatta, Biochemical and biophysical research communications522:81-87Jan. 2020
  • Direct evidence of the relationship between brain metastatic adenocarcinoma and white matter fibers: A fiber dissection and diffusion tensor imaging tractography study, (Xiaoliang Liu), Masashi Kinoshita, Harumichi Shinohara, Osamu Hori ,Noriyuki Ozaki, Toshihisa Hatta, Satoru Honma, Mitsutoshi Nakada, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience77:55-61Jul. 2020
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying the models of neurodevelopmental disorders in maternal immune activation relevant to the placenta, Tsuyoshi Tsukada, Hiroki Shimada, Hiromi Sakata-Haga, Hideaki Iizuka, Toshihisa Hatta, Congenital anomalies59:81-87May 2019
  • Effects of tokishakuyakusan on regeneration of murine olfactory neurons in vivo and in vitro, Takuya Noda, Hideaki Shiga, Kentaro Yamada, Masayuki Harita, Yukari Nakamura, Tomoko Ishikura, Masami Kumai, Zenji Kawakami, Atsushi Kaneko, Toshihisa Hatta, Hiromi Sakata-Haga, Hiroki Shimada, Takaki Miwa, Chemical Senses44:327-338May 2019
  • Lactosylceramide synthases encoded by B4galt5 and 6 genes are pivotal for neuronal generation and myelin formation in mice, (Yoshihara T), Satake H, Nishie T, Okino N, Hatta T, Otani H, Naruse C, Suzuki H, Sugihara K, Kamimura E, Tokuda N, Furukawa K, Fururkawa K, Ito M, Asano M, PLOS Genetics14:e1007574Aug. 2018
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  • Extracranial outflow of particles solved in cerebrospinal fluid: Fluorescein injection study, (Akai Takuya);Hatta Toshihisa;Shimada Hiroki;Mizuki Keiji;Kudo Nae;Hatta Taizo;Otani Hiroki, Congenital Anomalies58:93-98Oct. 2017
  • JunB regulates angiogenesis and neurovascular parallel alignment in mouse embryonic skin, Y.Yoshitomi,T.Ikeda,H.Saito,Y.Yoshitake,Y.Ishigaki,T.Hatta,N.Kato,H.Yonekura, Jonal of Cell Science130:916-926Jan. 2017
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