FacultyDepartment of Advanced Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology, Division of Systems Bioscience for Drug Discovery Based on Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
PositionAssociate Professor

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  • Kanazawa University Graduate School


  • Ph.D in Medicine

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Published Papers

  • Long-term administration and efficacy of oxaliplatin with no neurotoxicity in a patient with rectal cancer: Association between neurotoxicity and the GSTP1 polymorphism., (H.Kitade), T.Shimasaki, S.Igarashi, H.Sakuma, M.Mori, N.Tomosugi, M.Nakai, Oncology letters7:1499-1502May 2014
  • The *1244A>G polymorphism of MyD88(rs7744)is closely associated with susceptibility to ulcerative colitis, K.Matsunaga, T.Tahara, H.Shiroeda, T.Otsuka, M.Nakamura, T.Shimasaki, N.Toshikuni, N.Kawada, T.Shibata, T.Arisawa, Molecular medicine reports.9:28-32Jan. 2014
  • Aberrant glycogen synthase kinase 3β is involved in pancreatic cancer cell invasion and resistance to therapy., (A.Kitano), T.Shimasaki, Y.Chikano, M.Nakada, M.Hirose, T.Higashi, Y.Ishigaki, Y.Endo, T.Takino, H.Sato, Y.Sai, K.Miyamoto, Y.Motoo, K.Kawakami, T.Minamoto, PloS one8:e55289;1-12Feb. 2013
  • Meaning of tumor protein 53-induced nuclear protein 1 in the molecular mechanism of gemcitabine sensitivity., N.Nakaya, Y.Ishigaki, H.Nakajima, M.Murakami, T.Shimasaki, T.Takata, M.Ozaki, NJ.Dusetti, JL.Iovanna, Y.Motoo, Molecular and clinical oncology.1:100-104Jan. 2013
  • Functional promoter polymorphisms of NFKB1 influence susceptibility to the diffuse type of gastric cancer., T.Arisawa, T.Tahara, H.Shiroeda, K.Yamada, T.Nomura, H.Yamada, R.Hayashi, K.Matsunaga, T.Otsuka, M.Nakamura, T.Shimasaki, N.Toshikuni, N.Kawada, T.Shibata, Oncology reports.30:3013-30192013
  • Depletion of RNA-binding protein RBM8A (Y14) causes cell cycle deficiency and apoptosis in human cells., Y.Ishigaki, Y.Nakamura, T.Tatsuno, M.Hashimoto, T.Shimasaki, K.Iwabuchi, N.Tomosugi, Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.)238:889-8972013
  • Characterization of proteins secreted by pancreatic cancer cells with anticancer drug treatment in vitro, T.Takata, Y.Ishigaki, T.Shimasaki, H.Tsuchida, Y.Motoo, A.Hayashi, N.Tomosugi, Oncology reports.28:1968-1976Dec. 2012
  • A case of colon cancer with chronic renal dysfunction responding to effective retreatment with FOLFIRI.39:1267-1270Aug. 2012
  • The anxiety and types of problems encountered by homecare patients during an intermittent self-catheterization, K.Kyuji, S.Maeda, M.Moriyama, T.Shimasaki, T.Kanda, Y.Kohno38(supplⅠ): 103-105Dec. 2011
  • A study of the goods supply system from hospital to outpatients with intermittent self-catheterization(ISC), S.Maeda, M.Moriyama, T.Shimasaki, T.Kanda, Y.Kohno, K.Kyuji38(supplⅠ):109-111Dec. 2011
  • Self purchase of catheter supplies and the hardship associated with urinary homecare patients, Y.Kohno, S.Maeda, M.Moriyama, T.Shimasaki, T.Kanda, K.Kyuji38(supplⅠ):106-108Dec. 2011
  • A Case of primary cardiac angiosarcoma associated with cardiac tamponade, N.Nakaya, I.Sato, T.Shimasaki, H.Nakajima, N.Kurose, T.Nojima, Y.Motoo38:1353-1355Aug. 2011
  • Metabolic disorder, inflammation, and deregulated molecular pathways converging in pancreatic cancer development: Implications for new therapeutic strategies, Y.Motoo, T.Shimasaki, Y.Ishigaki, H.Nakajima, K.Kawakami, T.Minamoto, Cancers3:446-460Jan. 2011
  • Human SMG-1 is involved in gemcitabine-induced primary microRNA-155/BIC up-regulation in human pancreatic cancer PANC-1 cells, (QS.Xia), Y.Ishigaki, X.Zhao, T.Shimasaki, H.Nakajima, H.Nakagawa, T.Takegami, ZH.Chen, Y.Motoo, Pancreas.40:55-60Jan. 2011
  • Scanning electron microscopy with an ionic liquid reveals the loss of mitotic protrusions of cells during the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, Y.Ishigaki, Y.Nakamura, T.Takehara, T.Shimasaki, T.Tatsuno, F.Takano, Y.Ueda, Y.Motoo, T.Takegami, H.Nakagawa, S.Kuwabata, N.Nemoto, N.Tomosugi, S.Miyazawa, Microscopy research and technique74:1024-10312011
  • Curatively resected case of non-functioning pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma with multiple liver metasta-ses after dpwmstaging with S-1 monotherapy, I.Sato, N.Ueda, E.Kinoshita, H.Mnato, K.Ohno, N.Nakata, T.Shimasaki, H.Nakajima, T.Kosaka, Y.Motoo37:1341-1344Jul. 2010
  • Molecular analysis on responses of TP53INP1-knockout mouse embryonic fibroblasts to anti-cancer agents, (Q.Bian), Y.Motoo, H.Nakajima, T.Shimasaki, Y.Ishigaki125-1282010
  • Induction of HITS, a newly identified family with sequence similarity 107 protein (FAM107B), in cancer cells by heat shock stimulation, H.Nakajima, Y.Ishigaki, QI-S.Xia, T.Ikeda, Y.Yoshitake, H.Yonekura, T.Nojima, T.Tanaka, H.Umehara, N.Tomosugi, T.Takata, T.Shimasaki, N.Nakaya, I.Sato, K.Kawakami, K.Koizumi, T.Minamoto, Y.Motoo, International journal of oncology37:583-5932010
  • An emerging strategy for cancer treatment targeting aberrant glycogen synthase kinase 3beta., (K.Miyashita), M.Nakada, K.Shakoori, Y.Ishigaki, T.Shimasaki, Y.Motoo, Kawakami K, T.Minamoto, Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry9:1114-1122Dec. 2009
  • Deregulated GSK3β Sustains Gastrointestinal Cancer Cells Survival by Modulating Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase and Telomerase, (W.Mai), K.Kawakami, A.Shakoori, S.Kyo, K.Miyashita, K.Yokoi, M.Jin, T.Shimasaki, Y.Motoo, T.Minamoto, Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.15:6810-6819Nov. 2009
  • Apoptosis-related gene expression profile is changed by gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer cell line(PANC-1), T.Shimasaki, Y.Ishigaki, T.Minato, Y.Motoo22:14-20Mar. 2007
  • Identification and functional analysis of an EMT-accelerating factor induced in pancreatic cancer cells by an anticancer agent, T.Shimasaki, S.Yamamoto, Y.Ishigaki, T.Takata, T.Arisawa, Y.Motoo, N.Tomosugi, T.Minamoto, Suizo31:76-842016
  • Regulation of soluble Flt-1(VEGFR-1) production by hnRNP D and protein arginine methylation, T.Ikeda, Y.Yoshitomi, H.Saito, T.Shimasaki, H.Yamaya, T.Kobata, Y.Ishigaki, N.Tomosugi, Y.Yoshitake, H.Yonekura, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry413:155-1642016
  • Glycogen synthase kinase-3β is a pivotal mediator of cancer invasion and resistance to therapy., (T.Domoto), Pyko Ilya V, T.Furuta, K.Miyashita, M.Uehara, T.Shimasaki, M.Nakada, T.Minamoto, Cancer science107:1363-13722016
  • Genetic polymorphisms of MAFK, encoding a small Maf protein, are associated with susceptibility to ulcerative colitis in Japan, Arisawa, Tomiyasu;Nakamura, Masakatsu;Otsuka, Toshimi;Jing, Wu;Sakurai, Naoko;Takano, Hikaru;Hayashi, Tasuku;Ota, Masafumi;Nomura, Tomoe;Hayashi, Ranji;Shimasaki, Takeo;Tahara, Tomomitsu;Shibata, Tomoyuki, WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY23:5364-5370Aug. 2017
  • Association between receptor interacting serine/threonine kinase 2 polymorphisms and gastric cancer susceptibility, Masafumi Ota,Tomomitu Tahara, Toshimi Otsuka, Wu Jing,Tomoe Nomura,Ranji Hayashi,Takeo Shimasaki,Masakatsu Nakamura,Tomoyuki Shibata,Tomoyasu Arisawa, ONCOLOGY LETTERS15:3772-3778Mar. 2018
  • Polymorphism rs7521584 in miR-429 is associated with the severity of atrophic gastritis in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection, Toshimi Otsuka,Tomomitu Tahara,Masakatsu Nakamura, Wu Ging,Masafumi Ota, Tomoe Nomura, Ranji Hayashi, Takeo Shimasaki, Tomoyuki Shibata, Tomiyasi Arisawa, Molecular Medicine Reports18:2381-2386Aug. 2018
  • Exosome Research and Co-culture Study, Takeo.Shimasaki, Satoko.Yamamoto, Tomiyasu.Arisawa, BIOLOGICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN41:1311-1321Sep. 2018

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