FacultyDepartment of Dermatology
PositionAssociate Professor

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    Overview of research:


  • Fukushima Medical University Graduate School


  • Ph.D in Medicine

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Itching in a trichophytin contact dermatitis mouse model and the antipruritic effect of antifungal agents, T.Nakamura, N.Yoshida, K.Anzawa, A.Nishibu, T.Mochizuki, Clinical and experimental dermatology44:381-389Jun. 2019
  • A mouse model of Trichophyton inflammation based on trichophytin-induced contact hypersensitivity, Tomoya Nakamura, Naoki Yoshida, Akiko Nishibu, TakashiMochizuki, Medical Mycology Journal60:65-702019
  • A case of cutaneous mycosis caused by Scedosporium dehoogii on an immunocompromised patient., Sakata Yuichi;Taga Fumiaki;Ushigami Tsuyoshi;Takeda Kiminobu;Anzawa Kazushi;Nishibu Akiko;Mochizuki Takashi, Mycopathologia183:465-470Apr. 2018
  • Case of inflammatory tinea corporis affecting the dorsal surface of the thumb in a nail salon technician, (Y.Kawakami), S.Hirano, S.Mistui, M.Kuyama, A.Nishibu, K.Anzawa, T.Mochizuki, The Journal of Dermatology44:e294-e2952017
  • A case of widespread tines corporis caused by Trichophton tonsurans mimicking atopic dermatitis, K.Takeda, H.Mochizuki, Y.Sakata, T.Ushigami, A.Nishibu, K.Anzawa, T.Mochizuki, H.Kanakawa, M.Yanagihara, Journal of pediatric dermatology34:29-332015
  • Mass screenings for Trichophyton tonsurans infection in junior high school judo teams in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan., Y.Sakata, T.Sakamoto, A.Kitayama, T.Ushigami, K.Anzawa, T.Fujii, S.Abe, A.Nishibu, T.Mochizuki32:121-126Jun. 2013
  • A Case of hereditary angioederma with blisters., K.Kojima, T.Fujii, A.Nishibu, T.Mochizuki, Y.Niida12:190‐194Jun. 2013
  • Case of phaeohyphomycosis producing sporotrichoid lesions., M.Hasei, K.Takeda, K.Anzawa, A.Nishibu, H.Tanabe, T.Mochizuki, The Journal of dermatology.40:638-6402013
  • Twenty-three cases of tinea capitis at the Kanazawa Medical University Hospital in the past 10 years, K.Takeda, T.Ushigami, M.Terada, N.Wakamatsu, A.Nishibu, H.Tanabe, M.Yanagimoto, K.Anzawa, M.Kawasaki, T.Mochizuki, H.Ishizaki121:1057-1061May 2011
  • Molecular epidemiology of Trichophyton tonsurans strains isolated in Japan between 2006 and 2010 and their susceptibility to oral antimycotics, K.Anzawa, T.Mochizuki, A.Nishibu, H.Ishizaki, K.Kamei, Y.Takahashi, M.Fujihiro, H.Shinoda, Japanese journal of infectious diseases.64:458-4622011
  • Letter:Two cases of metastases to the scalp bone mimicking epidermoid cyst, (Y.Kato), N.Kikuchi, A.Nishibu, M.Ohtsuka, T.Yamamoto, Dermatology Online Journal0.7173611112011
  • Granular C3 dermatosis: Report of a case resembling dermatophytid in association with tinea pedis, (Kawakami Y), Aoyama Y, Tada K, Anzawa K, Nishibu A, Mochizuki T, Morizane S, The Journal of Dermatology48:e320-e3212021

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