IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi

FacultyDepartment of Biochemistry Ⅰ

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    Overview of research:
    Roles of tumor suppressor p53-binding protein 1 (53BP1) in the cell cycle checkpoint, and repair of DNA double-strand breaks.


  • Kanazawa University Graduate School
  • Kanazawa University Faculty of Medicine Department of Medicine


  • Medical doctor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Caspase-mediated cleavage of X-ray repair cross-complementing group 4 promotes apoptosis by enhancing nuclear translocation of caspase-activated DNase., Yumi.Sunatani, Radhika Pankaj Kamdar, Mukesh Kumar Sharma, Tadashi.Matsui, Ryo.Sakasai, Mitsumasa.Hashimoto, Yasuhito.Ishigaki, Yoshihisa.Matsumoto, Kuniyoshi.Iwabuchi, Experimental cell research362:450Jan. 2018
  • Aquarius is required for proper CtIP expression and homologous recombination repair, Ryo.Sakasai, Mayu.Isono, Mitsuo.Wakasugi, Mitsumasa.Hashimoto, Yumi.Sunatani, Tadashi.Matsui, Atsushi.Shibata., Tsukasa.Matsunaga, Kuniyoshi.Iwabuchi, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS7:13808Oct. 2017
  • Csapase-3/7-mediated Cleavage of β2-spectrinis Required for Acctaminophen-induced Liver Damage, (HJ.Baek), YM.Lee, TH.Kim, JY.Kim, FJ.Park, K.Iwabuchi, L.Mishra, SS.Kim12:1722016
  • DNA double-strand breaks induced intractable glomerular fibrosis in renal allografts., (Y.Matsui), Y.Sunatani, N.Hayashi, K.Okino, Y.Okushi, K.Mukai, H.Adachi, H.Yamaya, K.Iwabuchi, H.Yokoyama, Clinical and experimental nephrology20:479-4882015
  • The distinctive cellular responses to DNA strand breaks caused by a DNA topoisomerase I poison in conjunction with DNA replication and RNA transcription., R.Sakasai, K.Iwabuchi, Genes & genetic systems90:187-1942015
  • Protein kinase CK2 is required for the recruitment of 53BP1 to sites of DNA double-strand break induced by radiomimetic drugs., (B.Guerra), K.Iwabuchi, OG.Issinger, Cancer letters.345:115-123Apr. 2014
  • DHX36 enhances RIG-I signaling by facilitating PKR-mediated antiviral stress granule formation., (JS.Yoo), K.Takahasi, CS.Ng, R.Ouda, K.Onomoto, M.Yoneyama, JC.Lai, S.Lattmann, Y.nagamine, T.Matsui, K.Iwabuchi, H.Kato, T.Fujita, PLoS pathogens.10:e1004012;1-18Mar. 2014
  • RNA-binding protein RBM8A (Y14) and MAGOH localize to centrosome in human A549 cells., Y.Ishigaki, Y.Nakamura, T.Tatsuno, M.Hashimoto, K.Iwabuchi, N.Tomosugi, Histochemistry and cell biology.141:101-109Jan. 2014
  • Sensitive immunodetection of radiotoxicity after iodine-131therapy for thyroid cancer using γ-H2AX foci of DNA damage in lymphocytes., M.Doai, N.Watanabe, T.Takahashi, M.Taniguchi, H.Tonami, K.Iwabuchi, D.Kayano, M.Fukuoka, S.Kinuya, Annals of nuclear medicine.27:233-238Apr. 2013
  • Depletion of RNA-binding protein RBM8A (Y14) causes cell cycle deficiency and apoptosis in human cells., Y.Ishigaki, Y.Nakamura, T.Tatsuno, M.Hashimoto, T.Shimasaki, K.Iwabuchi, N.Tomosugi, Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.)238:889-8972013
  • DNA ligase IV and artemis act cooperatively to suppress homologous recombination in human cells: Implications for DNA double-strand break repair., (A.Kurosawa), S.Saito, S.So, M.Hashimoto, K.Iwabuchi, H.Watabe, N.Adachi, PloS one8:e72253;1-112013
  • Knockdown of stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) suppresses store-operated calcium entry, cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in human epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells, J.Yoshida, K.Iwabuchi, T.Matsui, T.Ishibashi, T.Masuoka, M.Nishio, Biochemical pharmacology.84:1592-1603Sep. 2012
  • RAD18 promotes DNA double-strand break repair during G1 phase through chromatin retention of 53BP1, (K.Watanabe), K.Iwabuchi, J.Sun, Y.Tsuji, T.Tani, K.Tokunaga, T.Date, M.Hashimoto, M.Yamaizumi, S.Tateishi, Nucleic acids research37:2176-2193Jan. 2009
  • PKU-β/TLK1 regulates myosin Ⅱ activities, and is required for accurate equaled chromosome segregation, M.Hashimoto, T.Matsui, K.Iwabuchi, T.Date, Mutation research657:63-67Sep. 2008
  • Characterization of a cancer cell line that expresses a splicing variant form of 53BP1:Separation of checkpoint and repair functions in 53BP1, K.Iwabuchi, T.Matsui, M.Hashimoto, Y.Matsumoto, T.Kurihara, T.Date, Biochemical and biophysical research communications376:509-513Sep. 2008
  • Cell sorting analysis of cell cycle-dependent X-ray sensitivity in end joining-deficient human cells, K.Iwabuchi, M.Hashimoto, T.Matsui, A.Kurosawa, N.Adachi, T.Date, Biochemical and biophysical research communications372:662-667May. 2008
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  • Perturbed gap-filling synthesis in nucleotide excision repair causes histone H2AX phosphorylation in human quiescent cells, (M.Matsumoto), K.Yaginuma, A.Igarashi, M.Imura, M.Hasegawa, K.Iwabuchi, T.Date, T.Mori, K.Ishizaki, K.Yamashita, M.Inobe, T.Matsunaga, Journal of cell science6:1104-1112Jan. 2007
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  • Hepatitis C virus core protein interacts with p53-bindinng protein,53BP2/Bbp/ASPP2,and inhibits p53-mediated apoptosis, Y.Cao, T.Hamada, T.Matsui, T.Date, K.Iwabuchi, Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.315:788-7952004
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  • Purification, crystallization and preliminary x-ray analysis of a complex of the BRCT domains of human 53BP1 bound to the p53 tumour suppressor, (Derbyshire, D. J.), T. Date, K. Iwabuchi, et al.58: 1826-18292002
  • Crystal structure of the BRCT domains of human 53BP1 bound to the p53 tumor suppressor, (Derbyshire, D. J.), T.Date, K. Iwabuchi, et al., The EMBO journal.21: 3863-38722002
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  • Stimulation of p53-mediated transcriptional activation by the p53-binding proteins, 53BP1 and 53BP2(共著), IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi, J. Biol. Chem.273:26061-260681998
  • Nodal EBV-positive Hudgkin's disease following extranodal EBV megative non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of B-cell lineage(共著), IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi, European Journal of Haematology1996
  • In situ localization of Epstein-Barr Virus in Reed-Sternberg Cells of Hodgkin's Disease(共著), IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi, Journal of Kanazawa medical university1996
  • Two cellular proteins that bind to wild-type but not mutant p53. (共著), IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi, Proc. Nati. Acad. Sci. USA.91:6098-61021994
  • Use of the two-hybrid system to identify the domain of p53 involved in oligomerization(共著), IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi, oncogene8:1693-16961993
  • Plasma glycosyl transferase activity after ABO-incompatible bone marrow transplantation and development of an inhibitor for glycosyltransferase activity(共著), IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi, Experimental hematology1989
  • Long-term observation of immunologic reconstitution after allogenic bone marrow transplantation : Differences in recovery among functional T cell subsets(共著), IWABUCHI Kuniyoshi, Acta Haematologica Japonica1989
  • Preliminary quantitative evaluation of radiation-induced DNA damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes after cardiac dual-isotope imaging, Koichi Okuda, Naoto Watanabe, Mitsumasa Hashimoto, Mariko Doai, Yasuyuki Kawai, Tomoko Takahashi, Tomohiro Arikawa, Kazumasa Ooiso, Yumi Sunatani, Kuniyoshi Iwabuchi, Koji Kajinami, Munetaka Matoba, Applied Radiation and Isotopes154:108890Dec. 2019

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