FacultyFundamental Nursing
PositionSenior Assistant Professor

Researcher Profile & Settings


  • Ph.D in Medicine

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Patient experience of negative pressure wound therapy: A qualitative study, Aiko Miyanaga, Toru Miyanaga, Keiko Sakai, Chizuko Konya, Kimi Asano, Kenichi Shimada, Nursing Open :1-11Sep. 2022
  • Validation of subcutaneous thickness by students with no experience in ultrasonography, (Yuko Matsui), Keiko Sakai, Aiko Miyanaga, Journal of Nursing Science and Engineering8:162-1692021
  • Effect of tactile massage on sleep of inpatient female cancer patients, Keiko Sakai, Yuko Matsui, Yuko Morikawa, Chiyoko Sugimori, Aiko Miyanaga, Ariyuki Hori, Fukumi Kitamoto, Journal of Nursing Science and Engineering8:109-1212021
  • Angiogenesis after administration of basic fibroblast growth factor induces proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in elastic perichondrium in an in vivo model: mini review of three sequential republication-abridged reports, Toru Miyanaga, Yoshimichi Ueda, Aiko Miyanaga, Mikio Yagishita, Naoko Hama, Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters23:49Oct. 2018
  • Transient Vascularization Promotes Proliferation and Cartilage-formation of Perichondrial Progenitor Cells, Aiko.Miyanaga42:24-31Jun. 2017
  • Relationship between lymphangiogenesis and ecudates during the wound healing prosess of mouse skin full thickness wound., Kimi Shimamura, Toshio Nakatani, Aiko Ueda, Junko Sugama, Mayumi okuwa, Wound Repair and Regeneration17:598-6052009

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