MUKAI Kiyotaka

FacultyDepartment of Nephrology
PositionSenior Assistant Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Changes in Double-Strand DNA Breaks Predict Delayed Graft Function (DGF) in Japanese Renal Allograft Recipients, Keiichiro Okada, Kanae Nomura-Nakayama, Yuki Okushi, Kazuaki Okino, Kiyotaka Mukai, Norifumi Hayashi, Keiji Fujimoto, Hiroki Adachi, Hitoshi Yokoyama, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology24:96-104Jan. 2020
  • Update of Findings of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Renal Allograft Recipients, Kazuaki Okino, Yuki Okushi, Kiyotaka Mukai, Norifumi Hayashi, Keiji Fujimoto, Hiroki Adachi, Hitoshi Yokoyama, Journal of Kanazawa Medical University44:7-13Jun. 2019
  • Renal response to anaphylaxis in anesthetized rats and isolated perfused rat kidneys: roles of nitric oxide., Mukai K, Kuda Y, Shibamoto T, Tanida M, Kurata Y, Yokoyama H., The Journal of Physiological Sciences68:689-697Sep. 2018
  • Circulating and renal expression of HLA-G prevented chronic renal allograft dysfunction in Japanese recipients, Okushi Y, Okino K, Mukai K, Matsui Y, Hayashi N, Fujimoto K, Adachi H, Yamaya H, Yokoyama H, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology21:932-940Mar. 2017
  • The long-term outcomes of hepatitis C virus core antigen-positive Japanese renal allograft recipients, K.Okino, Y.Okushi, K.Mukai, Y.Matsui, N.Hayashi, K.Fujimoto, H.Adachi, H.Yamaya, H.Yokoyama, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology21:1113-1123Mar. 2017
  • A patient with tuberous sclerosis in whom dialysis was introduced due to hemorrhaging from oncocytic papillary renal cell carcinoma, Keiji.Fujimoto, Masaru.Nakagawa, Katsuaki.Sato, Tatsuro.Tanaka, Nobuhiko.Miyatake, Keita.Yamazaki, Yuko.Tsuruyama, Yuki.Okushi, Kazuaki.Okino, Kiyotaka.Mukai, Katsuhito.Miyazawa, Hitoshi.Yokoyama, Journal of Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy50:93-100Jan. 2017
  • The responses of pulmonary and systemic circulation and airway to allergic mediators in anesthetized rats., M.Wang, T.Shibamoto, Y.Kuda, M.Tanida, T.Zhang, J.Song , K.Mukai, Y.Kurata, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin39:556-5632016
  • DNA double-strand breaks induced intractable glomerular fibrosis in renal allografts, Y.Matsui, Y.Sunatani, N.Hayashi, K.Okino, Y.Okushi, K.Mukai, H.Adachi, H.Yamaya, K.Iwabuchi, H.Yokoyama, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology20:479-488Sep. 2015

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