FacultyDepartment of Biochemistry Ⅱ, Division of Innovative Research

Researcher Profile & Settings


    Overview of research:
    1. Mechanisms of regulation of alternative pre-mRNA processing 2. Molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis regulation 3. Identification of genes involved in neuro-vascular interaction 4. Molecular mechanisms of development of diabetic vascular complications

Special Field

  • General medical chemistry
  • Functional biochemistry
  • Functional biochemistry
  • Pathological medical chemistry


  • Nagoya University Graduate School Division of Medicine
  • Nagoya University Faculty of Science

Association Memberships

  • Nov. 2015Nov. 2017The Japanease Biochemical Society
  • 1985The Molecular Biology Society of Japan

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Apr. 1985Nov. 1990Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Researcher
  • Nov. 1990Nov. 1994Tohoku University Assistant professor
  • Dec. 1994Mar. 1996Tohoku University Associate professor
  • Apr. 1996Mar. 2006Kanazawa University Associate professor
  • Apr. 2006Kanazawa Medical University Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Role of Arginine Methylation in Alternative Polyadenylation of VEGFR-1 (Flt-1) pre-mRNA, Takayuki Ikeda, Hidehito Saito-Takatsuji, Yasuo Yoshitomi, Hideto Yonekura, International Journal of Molecular Sciences21:6460Sep. 2020
  • Ultraviolet B-induced Otx2 expression in lens epithelial cells promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition, Yoshitomi Y, Osada H, Satake H, Kojima M, Saito-Takatsuji H, Ikeda T, Yoshitake Y, Ishigaki Y, Kubo E, Sasaki H, Yonekura H, Biology Open8:bio035691Feb. 2019
  • Effect of Collagen Tripeptide on Atherosclerosis in Healthy Humans., N.Tomosugi, S.Yamamoto, M.Takeuchi, H.Yonekura, Y.Ishigaki, N.Numata, S.Katsuda, Y.Sakai, Journal of atherosclerosis and thrombosis24:530-538May 2017
  • Effect of Collagen Tripeptide on Atherosclerosis in Healthy Humans, Naohisa Tomosugi, Shoko Yamamoto, Masayoshi Takeuchi, Hideto Yonekura, Yasuhito Ishigaki, Noriaki Numata, Shogo Katsuda, Yasuo Sakai, Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis24:530-538May 2017
  • JunB regulates angiogenesis and neurovascular parallel alignment in mouse embryonic skin, Y.Yoshitomi,T.Ikeda,H.Saito,Y.Yoshitake,Y.Ishigaki,T.Hatta,N.Kato,H.Yonekura, Jonal of Cell Science130:916-926Jan. 2017
  • Regulation of soluble Flt-1(VEGFR-1) production by hnRNP D and protein arginine methylation, T.Ikeda, Y.Yoshitomi, H.Saito, T.Shimasaki, H.Yamaya, T.Kobata, Y.Ishigaki, N.Tomosugi, Y.Yoshitake, H.Yonekura, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry413:155-1642016
  • Melanocortins contribute to sequential differentiation and enucleation of human erythroblasts via melanocortin receptors 1, 2 and 5, E.Simamura, T.Arikawa, T.Ikeda, H.Shimada, H.Shoji, H,Masuta, Y.Nakajima, H.Otani, H.Yonekura, T.Hatta, PLoS One10:e0123232-e01232322015
  • Osteocytic cell necrosis is caused by a combination of glucocorticoid-induced Dickkopf-1 and hypoxia, S.Ueda, T.Ichiseki, Y.Yoshitomi, H.Yonekura, Y.Ueda, A.Kaneuji, T.Matsumoto, Medical Molecular Morphology48:69-75Jun. 2015
  • Low-molecular weight fractions of Japanese soy sauce act as a RAGE antagonist via inhibition of RAGE trafficking to lipid rafts., (S.Munesue), Y.Yamamoto, R.Urushihara, K.Inomata, H.Saito, S.Motoyoshi, T.Watanabe, H.Yonekura, H.Yamamoto, Food & function.4:1835-1842Dec. 2013
  • Low molecular weight heparin suppresses receptor for advanced glycation end products-mediated expression of malignant phenotype in human fibrosarcoma cells., (A.Takeuchi), Y.Yamamoto, S.Munesue, A.Harashima, T.Watanabe, H.Yonekura, H.Yamamoto, H.Tsuchiya, Cancer science.104:740-749Jun. 2013
  • Identification of a major enzyme for the synthesis and hydrolysis of cyclic ADP-ribose in amphibian cells and evolutional conservation of the enzyme from human to invertebrate, T.Ikeda, S.Takasawa, N.Noguchi, K.Nata, A.Yamauchi, I.Takahashi, T.Yoshikawa, A.Sugawara, H.Yonekura, H.Okamoto, Molecular and cellular biochemistry.366:69-80Jul. 2012
  • Loss of HITS(FAM107B) expression in cancers of multiple organs: tissue microarray analysis, (H.Nakajima), K.Koizumi, T.Tanaka, Y.Ishigaki, Y.Yoshitake, H.Yonekura, T.Sakuma, T.Fukushima, H.Umehara, S.Ueno, T.Minamoto, Y.Motoo, International journal of oncology41:1347-1357May 2012
  • Endogenous secretory receptor for advanced glycation end-products inhibits amyloid-β1-42 uptake into mouse brain, (T.Sugihara), S.Munesue, Y.Yamamoto, S.Sakurai, N.Akhter, Y.Kitamura, K.Shiba, T.Watanabe, H.Yonekura, Y.Hayashi, J.Hamada, H.Yamamoto, Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD28:709-720Feb. 2012
  • Suppression of a neocortical potassium channel activity by intracellular amyloid-β and its rescue with homer1a, K.Yamamoto, Y.Ueta, L.Wang, R.Yamamoto, N.Inoue, K.Inokuchi, A.Aiba, H.Yonekura, N.Kato, The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience31:11100-11109Aug. 2011
  • Hypoxia down-regulates sFlt-1 (sVEGFR-1) expression in human microvascular endothelial cells by a mechanism involving mRNA alternative processing, T.Ikeda, L.Sun, N.Tsuruoka, Y.Ishigaki, Y.Yoshitomi, Y.Yoshitake, H.Yonekura, The Biochemical journal.436:399-407Jun. 2011
  • Identification of the COL2A1 mutation in patients with type I Stickler syndrome using RNA from freshly isolated peripheral white blood cells, H.Yaguchi, T.Ikeda, H.Osada, Y.Yoshitake, H.Sasaki, H.Yonekura, Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers.15:231-237Apr. 2011
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