KATO Nobuo

FacultyDepartment of Physiology Ⅰ

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    Overview of research:
    Intracellular calcium is a versatile messenger involved in numerous intracellular processes. However, in particular cellular contexts, definite signals are adequately carried by calcium ions. How such context-dependent choice of adequate signals is achieved is studied by using two experimental paradigms in the neocortex: synaptic plasticiry and regulation of excitability.


  • Ph.D in Medicine

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Remodeling of projections from ventral hippocampus to prefrontal cortex in Alzheimer's mice., Feng Xu, Munenori Ono, Tetsufumi Ito, Osamu Uchiumi, Furong Wang, Yu Zhang, Peng Sun, Qing Zhang, Sachiko Yamaki, Ryo Yamamoto, Nobuo Kato, The Journal of comparative neurology529:1486-1498May 2021
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