FacultyDepartment of Nephrology
PositionAssistant Professor

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    Overview of research:
    Clinical nephrology

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Clinical significance of serum and urinary soluble urokinase receptor (suPAR) in primary nephrotic syndrome and MPO-ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis in Japanese, K.Fujimoto, J.Imura, H.Atsumi, Y.Matsui, H.Adachi, H.Okuyama, H.Yamaya, H.Yokoyama, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology19:804-814Aug. 2015
  • Successful delivery in a patient with antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated glomerulonephritis., (M.Oshima), S.Kitajima, T.Toyama, A.Hara, K.Kitagawa, Y.Iwata, M.Shimizu, S.Nishio, J.Imura, H.Yokoyama, K.Furuichi, S.Kaneko, T.Wada, Internal medicine (Tokyo, Japan)52:1605-1609Feb. 2013
  • A case of second renal transplantation with acute antibody-mediated rejection complicated with BK virus nephropathy, H.Atsumi, M.Asaka, S.Kimura, J.Imura, K.Fujimoto, Y.Chikazawa, M.Nakagawa, H.Okuyama, H.Yamaya, M.Moriyama, T.Tanaka, K.Suzuki, H.Yokoyama, Clinical transplantation24:35-38Feb. 2010
  • The relationship between initial diagnosis and long-term prognosis in lupus nephritis, H.Okuyama, S.Kimura, H.Atsumi, J.Imura, K.Fujimoto, Y.Chikazawa, M.Nakagawa, H.Imamura, H.Yamaya, M.Asaka, N.Tomosugi, H.Yokoyama51:44-50Jan. 2009
  • A case report of an adult with severe hyperlipidemia during acute lymphocytic leukemia induction therapy successfully treated with plasmapheresis, M.Nakagawa, S.Kimura, K.Fujimoto, H.Atsumi, J.Imura, Y.Chikazawa, H.Imamura, H.Okuyama, H.Yamaya, T.Fukushima, A.Nakagawa, M.Asaka, H.Yokoyama, Therapeutic apheresis and dialysis : official peer-reviewed journal of the International Society for Apheresis, the Japanese Society for Apheresis, the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy.12:509-513Jan. 2008

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