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  • Ph.D in Medicine

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  • L-Ornithine intake affects sympathetic nerve outflows and reduces body weight and food intake in rats., (Y.Konishi), Y.Koosaka, R.Maruyama, K.Imanishi, K.Kasahara, A.Matsuda, S.Akiduki, Y.Hishida, Y.Kurata, T.Shibamoto, J.Satomi, M.Tanida, Brain Research Bulletin111:48-522015
  • Systemic vasoconstriction modulates the responses of pulmonary vasculature and airway to vasoconstrictors in anesthetized rats. , M.Wang, T.Shibamoto, Y.Kuda, M.Tanida, Y.Kurata, Experimental Lung Research41:324-3342015
  • Pulmonary vascular and airway responses to systemic vasoconstrictors in anesthetized BALB/c mice. , M.Wang, T.Shibamoto, S.Shinomiya, Y.Yamamoto, Y.Kurata, Y.Kuda, M.Tanida, H.Toga, Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology65:325-3342015
  • Possible role of afferent autonomic signals in abdominal organs in anorexic and cardiovascular responses to nicotine injection in rats., (S.Yagi), M.Tanida, J.Satomi, NeuroReport26:445-4492015
  • Leptin receptor signaling in the hypothalamus regulates hepatic autonomic nerve activity via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and AMP-activated protein kinase., M.Tanida, N.Yamamoto, DA.Morgan, Y.Kurata, T.Shibamoto, K.Rahmouni, The Journal of Neuroscience35:474-4842015
  • Hypothalamic nesfatin-1 stimulates sympathetic nerve activity via hypothalamic ERK signaling., M.Tanida, H.Gotoh, N.Yamamoto, M.Wang, Y.Kuda, Y.Kurata, M.Mori, T.Shibamoto, Diabetes64:3725-37362015
  • Exercise attenuates ischemia-reperfusion injury of nonalcoholic fatty liver of OLETF rat. , T.Shibamoto, Y.Kuda, M.Tanida, M.Wang, Y.Kurata, Journal of Gastroenterology, Pancreatology & Liver Disorders2:1-62015
  • Carnosine and the control of blood glucose, N.Okumura, M.Tanida, A.Niijima, N.Tsuruoka, Y.Kiso, Y.Horii, K.Nagai, Food and Nutritional Components in Focus8:257-2762015
  • Atomoxetine reverses locomotor hyperactivity, impaired novel object recognition, and prepulse inhibition impairment in mice lacking pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide., (Y.Shibasaki), A.Hayata-Takano, K.Hazama, T.Nakazawa, N.Shintani, A.Kasai, K.Nagayasu, R.Hashimoto, M.Tanida, T.Katayama, S.Matsuzaki, K.Yamada, M.Taniike, Y.Onaka, Y.Ago, JA.Waschek, K.Köves, D.Reglődi, A.Tamas, T.Matsuda, A.Baba, H.Hashimoto, Neuroscience297:95-1042015
  • Soy isoflavone affects the autonomic nervous system in a tissue-specific manner in anesthetized rats, M.Tanida, K.Imanishi, M.Komatsu, J.Satomi, N.Yamamoto, M.Wang, Y.Kurata, T.Shibamoto, Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.)239:477?4832014
  • Olfactory stimulatory with grapefruit and lavender oils change autonomic nerve activity and physiological function., (K.Nagai), A.Niijima, Y.Horii, J.Shen, M.Tanida, Autonomic neuroscience : basic & clinical.185:29-352014
  • Mouse anaphylactic shock is caused by reduced cardiac output, but not by systemic vasodilatation or pulmonary vasoconstriction, via PAF and histamine., M.Wang, T.Shibamoto, M.Tanida, Y.Kuda, Y.Kurata, Life sciences.116:98-1052014
  • Major contribution of vasospasm-induced coronary blood flow reduction to anaphylactic ventricular dysfunction assessed in isolated blood-perfused rat heart, Y.Kuda, Y.Kurata, M.Wang, M.Tanida, T.Shibamoto, Cardiology journal.21:11-172014
  • Leptin inhibits amyloid β-protein fibrillogenesis by decreasing GM1 gangliosides on the neuronal cell surface through PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway., (N.Yamamoto), M.Tanida, R.Kasahara, K.Sobue, K.Suzuki, Journal of neurochemistry131:323-3322014
  • Leptin inhibits amyloid β-protein degradation through decrease of neprilysin expression in primary cultured astrocytes., (N.Yamamoto,), M.Tanida, Y.Ono, R.Kasahara, Y.Fujii, K.Ohora, K.Suzuki, K.Sobue, Biochemical and biophysical research communications445:214-2172014
  • Injection of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota affects autonomic nerve activities in a tissue-specific manner, and regulates glucose and lipid metabolism in rats., M.Tanida, K.Imanishi, H.Akashi, Y.Kurata, O.Chonan, E. Naito, S.Kunihiro, M.Kawai, A.Kato-Kataoka, T.Shibamoto, Journal of diabetes investigation5:153-1612014
  • Effects of anesthetics on the renal sympathetic response to anaphylactic hypotension in rats., L.Sun, M.Tanida, M.Wang, Y.Kuda, Y.Kurata, T.Shibamoto, PloS one9:e113945;1-152014
  • Angiotensin II and vasopressin are involved in the defense system against anaphylactic hypotension in anesthetized rats., M.Wang, T.Shibamoto, Y.Kuda, L.Sun, M.Tanida, Y.Kurata., European journal of pharmacology.731:38-432014
  • MRI Reveals edema in larynx (But not in brain) during anaphylactic hypotension in anesthetized rats., I.Toyota, M.Tanida, T.Shibamoto, Mofei Wang, Y.Kurata, H.Tonami, Allergy, asthma & immunology research.5:389-396Nov. 2013
  • Effect of hyperpolarization-activated current I(f) on robustness of sinoatrial node pacemaking: theoretical study on influence of intracellular Na(+) concentration., Y.Kurata, I.Hisatome, M.Tanida, T.Shibamoto, American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology.304:H1337-H1351Mar. 2013
  • Nitric oxide and β2-adrenoceptor activation attenuate pulmonary vasoconstriction during anaphylactic hypotension in anesthetized BALB/c mice., S.Shinomiya, T.Shibamoto, Y.Kurata, Y.Kuda, W..Zhang, M.Tanida, H.Toga, Experimental lung research.39:119-129Jan. 2013
  • Rat hepatic and splanchnic vascular responses to anaphylactic shock, compared with hemorrhagic or vasodilator-induced shock., W.Zhang, T.Shibamoto, M.Tanida, M.Wang, L.Sun, Y.Kurata, In vivo (Athens, Greece)27:485-4942013
  • Central PACAP mediates the sympathetic effects of leptin in a tissue-specific manner., M.Tanida, A.Hayata, N.Shintani, N.Yamamoto, Y.Kurata, T.Shibamoto, D.A.Morgan, Rahmouni K, H.Hashimoto, Neuroscience.238:297-304.2013
  • Mouse Anaphylactic Hypotension Is Characterized by Initial Baroreflex Independent Renal Sympathoinhibition Followed by Sustained Renal Sympathoexcitation., Zhang T, Tanida M, Uchida K, Suzuki Y, Yang W, Kuda Y, Kurata Y, Tominaga M, Shibamoto T., frontiers in Physiology8:6692017
  • Biphasic Renal Sympathetic Response to Hemorrhagic Hypotension in Mice., Zhang T, Tanida M, Uchida K, Suzuki Y, Yang W, Kuda Y, Kurata Y, Tominaga M, Shibamoto T., Shock48:576-5822017
  • Blockade of β2-adrenoceptor, rather than β1-adrenoceptor, deteriorates cardiac anaphylaxis in isolated blood-perfused rat hearts., Kuda Y, Shibamoto T, Yang W, Zhang T, Tanida M, Kurata Y., Cardiol J24:403-4082017
  • Dynamical mechanisms of phase-2 early afterdepolarizations in human ventricular myocytes: insights from bifurcation analyses of two mathematical models., Kurata Y, Tsumoto K, Hayashi K, Hisatome I, Tanida M, Kuda Y, Shibamoto T., Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol312:H106-H1272017
  • Gastric vascular and motor responses to anaphylactic hypotension in anesthetized rats, in comparison to those with hemorrhagic or vasodilator-induced hypotension., Kuda Y, Shibamoto T, Zhang T, Yang W, Tanida M, Kurata Y., J Physiol Sci68:253-2602017
  • l-Ornithine stimulates growth hormone release in a manner dependent on the ghrelin system., Ho YY, Nakato J, Mizushige T, Kanamoto R, Tanida M, Akiduki S, Ohinata K., Food Funct.8:2110-21142017
  • Epigallocatechin gallate induces extracellular degradation of amyloid β-protein by increasing neprilysin secretion from astrocytes through activation of ERK and PI3K pathways., (Yamamoto N), Shibata M, Ishikuro R, Tanida M, Taniguchi Y, Ikeda-Matsuo Y, Sobue K., Neuroscience.362:70-782017
  • Renal response to anaphylaxis in anesthetized rats and isolated perfused rat kidneys: roles of nitric oxide., Mukai K, Kuda Y, Shibamoto T, Tanida M, Kurata Y, Yokoyama H., The Journal of Physiological Sciences(in press):(in press)2018

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