FacultyDepartment of Anatomy Ⅱ
PositionAssistant Professor

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    Overview of research:
    Proliferation and differentation of anterior pituitary cells. Morphology and function of folliculo-stellate cells in anterior pituitary gland.


  • Ph.D in Medicine

Association Memberships

  • Japanese Association of Anatomists
  • Japanese Society of Microscopy

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • The human hippocampus observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM): The dentate gyrus is made of an array of the neuronal lamellae., R.Kominami, H.Shinohara, S.Yasutaka, M.Kishibe, Okajimas folia anatomica Japonica89:157-164Feb. 2013
  • Misexpression experiment of Tbx5 in axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) hindlimb blastema., T.Shimokawa, R.Kominami, S.Yasutaka, H.Shinohara, Okajimas folia anatomica Japonica89:113-118Feb. 2013
  • Lmx-1b and Wnt-7a expression in axolotl limb during development and regeneration., T.Shimokawa, S.Yasutaka, R.Kominami, H.Shinohara, Okajimas folia anatomica Japonica89:119-124Feb. 2013
  • Gross anatomical tractography (GAT) proposed a change from the 'Two laminae concept' to the 'Neuronal unit concept' on the structure of the human hippocampus., S.Yasutaka, H.Shinohara, R.Kominami, Okajimas folia anatomica Japonica89:147-156Feb. 2013
  • Pitx1 expression in developing and regenerating axolotl limbs, T.Shimokawa, S.Yasutaka, R.Kominami, S.Tanaka, H.Shinohara, Okajimas folia anatomica Japonica85:5-10May 2008
  • Morphological characteristics of the branchial nerve in axolotl embryos at different stages (in Chinese ), (H.Ming-Yu), T.Shimokawa, R.Kominami, S.Yasutaka, H.Shinohara, Chinese journal of zoology43:121-1252008
  • Developmental study of hypoglossal nerve in axolotl embryo (in Chinese), (H.Ming-Yu), T.Shimokawa, R.Kominami, S.Yasutaka, H.Shinohara, Chinese journal of anatomy31:862-8632008
  • Glucocorticoid induces micro-fat embolism in the rabbit: A scanning electron microscopic study, K.Fukui, R.Kominami, H.Shinohara, T.Matsumoto, Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society24:675-683Apr. 2006
  • Relative positions of the arteries and veins on the dorsolateral surface of the human cerebrum, KOMINAMI Rieko, Clinical Anatomy2002
  • The lacrimal fascia redefined., KOMINAMI Rieko2001
  • The anatomy of the lacrimal Portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle(tensor tarsi or horner's muscle)., KOMINAMI Rieko, Okajimas Folia Anat. Jpn.2001
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  • Proliferation and differentiation of pituitary somatotrophs and mammotrophs during late fetal and postnatal periods., KOMINAMI Rieko, Anat Embryol2001
  • Mitoses of existing corticotrophs contribute to their proliferation in the rat pituitary during the late fetal period., KOMINAMI Rieko, Anat. Embryol.2001
  • Anatomy and histology of the lacrimal fluid drainage system., KOMINAMI Rieko, Okajimas Folia Anat. Jpn.2000
  • Ultrastructural study of proliferating cells with an improved immunocytochemical detection of DNA-incorporated bromodeoxyuridine, KOMINAMI Rieko, The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry1995
  • Proliferation of pituitary corticotrophs following adrenalectomy as revealed by immunohistochemistry combined with bromodeoxyuridine-labeling (jointly authored), KOMINAMI Rieko, Histochemistry1995
  • A reliable method of embedding a small amount of dispersed cells for electron microscopy (jointly authored), KOMINAMI Rieko, Journal of Electron Microscopy1994
  • Microvascular architecture of the filiform papillae of the lingual dorsum in the lion (Panthera leo), (Akimichi TAKEMURA), Mamoru UEMURA, Wataru KAWASHIMA, Isumi TODA, Kotaro MORIUE, Takamitsu ARAKAWA, Rieko KOMINAMI, Satoru HONMA, Journal of Osaka Dental University53:95-102Apr. 2019

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