MACHIDA Yuichiro

FacultyHimi Municipal Hospital
PositionAssistant Professor

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  • Ph.D in Medicine

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Revision of the criteria for selecting subjects for sputumj cytology of lung cancer screening in Japan, M.Sagawa, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, N.Motono, S.Maeda, K.Usuda, Journal of Kanazawa Medical University40:44-46Dec. 2015
  • Diffusion weighted imaging can distinguish benign from malignant mediastinal tumors and mass lesions:comparison with positron emission tomography, K.Usuda, S.Maeda, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, M.Matoba, N.Watanabe, H.Tonami, Y.Ueda, M.Sagawa, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention16:6469-6475Oct. 2015
  • Diagnostic performance of diffusion-weighted imaging for multiple hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes with FDG accumulation, K.Usuda, S.Maeda, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, M.Matoba, N.Watanabe, H.Tonami, Y.Ueda, M.Sagawa, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention16:6401-6406Oct. 2015
  • Overdiagnosis in the CT screening for lung cancer, M.Sagawa, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, N.Motono, S.Maeda, K.Usuda, The Journal of the Japanese Society of CT Screening22:9-14Jul. 2015
  • Left pulmonary agenesis showing extraordinary chest X-ray findings, M.Sagawa, Y.Machida, M.Tanaka, N.Motono, S.Maeda, T.Sakuma, K.Usuda, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine191:1083-1083May 2015
  • A survey about further work-up for cases with positive sputum cytology during lung cancer mass screening in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan: a retrospective analysis about quality assurance of lung cancer screening, M.Sagawa, T.Kobayashi, C.Uotani, Y.Kibe, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, N.Motono, S.Maeda, K.Usuda, Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology45:297-302Mar. 2015
  • Successful treatment of bronchial fistula after pulmonary lobectomy by endobronchial embolization using an endobronchial watanabe spigot, Y.Machida, M.Tanaka, N.Motono, S.Maeda, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, Hindawi Publishing corporation 425694:1-32015
  • Malignant fibrous histiocytoma accompanying hemorrhage in the pleural cavity, Y.Machida, M.Tanaka, N.Motono, S.Maeda, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, Journal of Case Reports and Studies2:1-32015
  • A successful treatment with the combined administration of urokinase and antibiotics into the pleural space for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) empyema after a pneumonectomy, Y.Machida, M.Tanaka, N.Motono, S.Maeda, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, The Hokuriku journal of surgery33:25-27Dec. 2014
  • Differences in the prognostic significance of the SUV max between patients with resected pulmonary adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, K.Usuda, T.Sakuma, M.Sagawa, Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP.15:10171-10174Nov. 2014
  • Recurrence and metastasis of lung cancer demonstrate decreased diffusion on diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, S.Maeda, M.Matoba, H.Tonami, Y.Ueda, T.Sakuma, Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP.15:6843-6848Sep. 2014
  • Diagnostic performance of diffusion weighted imaging of malignant and benign pulmonary nodules and masses: comparison with positron emission tomography, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, S.Maeda, M.Matoba, Y.Kuginuki, M.Taniguchi, H.Tonami, Y.Ueda, T.Sakuma, Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP.15:4629-4635Jul. 2014
  • Some issues need to be resolved for the development of a program for lung cancer screening using thoracic CT in Japan, M.Sagawa, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, N.Motono, S.Maeda, K.Usuda21:96-100Apr. 2014
  • Relationships between EGFR mutation status of lung cancer and preoperative factors-are they predictive?, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, M.Matoba, M.Taniguchi, H.Tonami, Y.Ueda, T.Sakuma, Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP.15:657-662Apr. 2014
  • A rare case of posterior dislocation of the sternum body caused during snowboarding, Y.Machida, M.Tanaka, N.Motono, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, T.Sakuma28:227-229Mar. 2014
  • Postoperative drainage with one chest tube is appropriate for pulmonary lobectomy: a randomized trial, M.Tanaka, M.Sagawa, K.Usuda, Y.Machida, M.Uena, N.Motono, T.Sakuma, The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine.232:55-61Feb. 2014
  • Assessment of bispectral index monitor during flexible bronchoscopy performed under conscious sedation, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, T.Oikawa, M.Saito, K.Kojima, Y.Takahara, S.Shinomiya, A.Yamaya, T.Sakuma36:12-19Jan. 2014
  • Prognostic significance of the perioperative serum carcinoembryonic antigen level for resected non-small cell lung cancer patients., N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, T.Sakuma32:1-4Dec. 2013
  • A case of lung cancer with a cavity in which diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging was useful., N.Motono, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, T.Sakuma27:92-96Jul. 2013
  • Advantage of diffusion-weighted imaging over positron emission tomography-computed in assessment of hilar and mediastinal lymph node in lung cancer., K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, N.Motono, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, M.Matoba, Y.Kuginuki, M.Taniguti, Y.Ueda, T.Sakuma, Annals of surgical oncology20:1676-1683Jul. 2013
  • A multilocular thymic cyst with thymoma that was difficult to diagnose preoperatively., N.Motono, M.Ueno, Y.Machida, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, T.Sakuma27:97-102May 2013
  • Diffusion-weighted imaging(DWI)signal intensity and distribution represent the amount of cancer cells and their distribution in primary lung cancer., K.Usuda, Xi.Zhao, M.Sagawa, H.Aikawa, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, M.Matoba, Y.Ueda, T.Sakuma, Clinical imaging37:265-272Apr. 2013
  • Significance of the perioperative measurement of brain natriuretic peptide(BNP) in general thoracic surgery., M.Ueno, M.Sagawa, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, N.Motono, K.Usuda, T.Sakuma27:3-10Jan. 2013
  • A method of quality control of cancer screening using Checklist for cancer screening"", M.Sagawa, H.Saito, R.Machii, T.Nakayama, T.Sobue, C.Hamashima, T.Kakizoe, K.Usuda, H.Aikawa, M.Ueno, Y.Machida, M.Tanaka, T.Sakuma19:145-155Dec. 2011
  • Recruitment for A pilot study of randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of lung cancer screening by thotacic CT"", M.Sagawa, M.Tanaka, S.Mizukami, K.Nishida, K.Nishii, K.Usuda, H.Aikawa, Y.Machida, M.Ueno, T.Sakuma36:25-32Jun. 2011
  • Relationship of aquaporin 1,3,and 5 expression in lung cancer cells to cellular differentiation, invasive growth, and metastasis potential, Y.Machida, Y.Ueda, M.Shimasaki, K.Sato, M.Sagawa, S.Katsuda, T.Sakuma, Human pathology.42:669-678Jan. 2011
  • Lidocaine administration on the throat under amnesia improves patient satisfaction in flexible bronchoscopy, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, H.Aikawa, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, K.Tsucihara, K.Nakagawa, T.Sakuma32:409-415Sep. 2010
  • Aquaporin as a novel player in cancer cell the invasion of cancer cells, Y.Ueda, M.Shimasaki, Y.Machida, Y.Takahara, Y.Himi, Y.Ishigaki, K.Sato, T.Sakuma, H.Toga, S.Kawakami, S.Katsuda35:55-60Aug. 2010
  • Correlation between glucose transporter-1 expression and 18F-fluoro-2-deoxyglucose uptake on positron emission tomography in lung cancer, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, H.Aikawa, M.Ueno, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, Xi.Zhao, Y.Ueda, K.Higashi, T.Sakuma, General thoracic and cardiovascular surgery58:405-410Aug. 2010
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  • Severe basal bronchial stenosis related to dissection of pulmonary ligament. Report of a case, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, H.Aikawa, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, M.Ueno, ZX.Tong, T.Sakuma34:160-162Dec. 2009
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  • Atmospheric temperature and pressure influence the onset of spontaneous pneumothorax, N.Motono, S.Maeda, R.Honda, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, H.Uramoto, The clinical respiratory journal17:1-6Sep. 2016
  • Diagnostic performance of whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging compared to PET-CT plus brain MRI in staging clinically resectable lung cancer, K.Usuda, M.Sagawa, S.Maeda, N.Motono, M.Tanaka, Y.Machida, M.Matoba, T.Matsui, N.Watanabe, H.Tonami, Y.Ueda, H.Uramoto, Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP17:2775-27802016
  • Successful endovascular coil embolization in an elder and asymptomatic case of anomalous systemic arterial supply to the normal basal segment., Machida Yuichiro;Motono Nozomu;Matsui Takuma;Usuda Katsuo;Uramoto Hidetaka, International journal of surgery case reports34:103-1052017
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  • Pulmonary Function After Lobectomy: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Versus Muscle-Sparing Mini-thoracotomy, Usuda, Katsuo;Maeda, Sumiko;Motomo, Nozomu;Tanaka, Makoto;Ueno, Masakatsu;Machida, Yuichiro;Sagawa, Motoyasu;Uramoto, Hidetaka, INDIAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY79:504-509Dec. 2017
  • Matched-pair analysis of a multi-institutional cohort reveals that epidermal growth factor receptor mutation is not a risk factor for postoperative recurrence of lung adenocarcinoma., Matsumura Yuki;Suzuki Hiroyuki;Ohira Tetsuya;Shiono Satoshi;Abe Jiro;Sagawa Motoyasu;Sakurada Akira;Katahira Masato;Machida Yuichiro;Takahashi Satomi;Okada Yoshinori, Lung cancer114:23-30Dec. 2017

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