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Published Papers

  • Recent Clinicopathological Findings of Kidney Disease in Diabetes Cases, Kengo Furuichi, Hitoshi Yokoyama, Journal of Kanazawa Medical University44:117-121Dec. 2019
  • Retinopathy progression and the risk of end-stage kidney disease: results from a longitudinal Japanese cohort of 232 patients with type 2 diabetes and biopsy-proven diabetic kidney disease, (Yamanouchi, M), Mori, M, Hoshino, J, Kinowaki, K, Fujii, T, Ohashi, K, Furuichi, K, Wada, T, Ubara, Y, BMJ open diabetes research & care7:e000726Nov. 2019
  • A case of secondary IgA nephropathy accompanied by psoriasis treated with secukinumab, (Ochi, M), Toyama, T, Ando, M, Sato, K, Kamikawa, Y, Sagara, A, Kitajima, S, Hara, A, Iwata, Y, Sakai, N, Shimizu, M, Furuichi, K, Hamaguchi, Y, Kaneko, S, Wada, T8:200-204Aug. 2019
  • Association of renal arteriosclerosis and hypertension with renal and cardiovascular outcomes in Japanese type 2 diabetes patients with diabetic nephropathy, (Shimizu, M), Furuichi, K, Toyama, T, Funamoto, T, Kitajima, S, Hara, A, Iwata, Y, Sakai, N, Takamura, T, Kitagawa, K, Yoshimura, M, Kaneko, S, Yokoyama, H, Wada, T, Journal of diabetes investigation10:1041-1049Jul. 2019
  • Clinicopathological predictors for progression of chronic kidney disease in nephrosclerosis: a biopsy-based cohort study, (Yamanouchi, M), Hoshino, J, Ubara, Y, Takaichi, K, Kinowaki, K, Fujii, T, Ohashi, K, Mise, K, Toyama, T, Hara, A, Shimizu, M, Furuichi, K, Wada, T, Nephrology dialysis transplantation34:1182-1188Jul. 2019
  • Erythropoietin signal protected human umbilical vein endothelial cells from high glucose-induced injury, (Yasuda, H), Iwata, Y, Nakajima, S, Furuichi, K, Miyake, T, Sakai, N, Kitajima, S, Toyama, T, Shinozaki, Y, Sagara, A, Miyagawa, T, Hara, A, Shimizu, M, Kamikawa, Y, Sato, K, Oshima, M, Yoneda-Nakagawa, S, Kaneko, S, Wada, T, Nephrology (Carlton)24:767-774Jul. 2019
  • Association between the recurrence period of acute kidney injury and mortality: a single-centre retrospective observational study in Japan, (Sako, K), Furuichi, K, Yamamura, Y, Oshima, M, Toyama, T, Kaneko, S, Wada, T, BMJ Open9:e023259Jun. 2019
  • Nonproteinuric Versus Proteinuric Phenotypes in Diabetic Kidney Disease: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis of a Nationwide, Biopsy-Based Cohort Study, (Yamanouchi M), Furuichi K, Hoshino J, Toyama T, Hara A, Shimizu M, Kinowaki K, Fujii T, Ohashi K, Yuzawa Y, Kitamura H, Suzuki Y, Sato H, Uesugi N, Hisano S, Ueda Y, Nishi S, Yokoyama H, Nishino T, Samejima K, Kohagura K, Shibagaki Y, Mise K, Makino H, Matsuo S, Ubara Y, Wada T, Diabetes Care42:891-902May. 2019
  • The involvement of autotaxin in renal interstitial fibrosis through regulation of fibroblast functions and induction of vascular leakage, (Sakai, N), Bain, G, Furuichi, K, Iwata, Y, Nakamura, M, Hara, A, Kitajima, S, Sagara, A, Miyake, T, Toyama, T, Sato, K, Nakagawa, S, Shimizu, M, Kaneko, S, Wada, T, Scientific reports9:7414May. 2019
  • Amplified Association Between Blood Pressure and Albuminuria in Overweight Patients With Biopsy-Proven Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis, (Kohagura K), Furuichi K, Kochi M, Shimizu M, Yuzawa Y, Hara A, Toyama T, Kitamura H, Suzuki Y, Sato H, Uesugi N, Ubara Y, Hoshino J, Hisano S, Ueda Y, Nishi S, Yokoyama H, Nishino T, Ogawa D, Mise K, Shibagaki Y, Kimura K, Haneda M, Makino H, Matsuo S, Wada T, American Journal of Hypertension32:486-491Apr. 2019

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