AKAI Ryoko

FacultyDepartment of Life Sciences

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    Overview of research:
    Physiological and pathological function of cellular stress response

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • A transgenic mouse model for monitoring endoplasmic reticulum stress, Iwawaki T, Akai R, Kohno K, Miura M, Nat Med10:98-1022004
  • Analysis of the XBP1 splicing mechanism using endoplasmic reticulum stress-indicators, Iwawaki T, Akai R, Biochem Biophys Res Commun350:709-7152006
  • Function of IRE1 alpha in the placenta is essential for placental development and embryonic viability, Iwawaki T, Akai R, Yamanaka S, Kohno K, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA106:16657-166622009
  • Positive contribution of Erdj5/JPDI to endoplasmic reticulum protein quality control in the salivary gland, Hosoda A, Tokuda M, Akai R, Kohno K, Iwawaki T, Biochem J425:117-1252010
  • Positive contribution of the IRE1α-XBP1 pathway to placental expression of CEA family genes, Oikawa D, Akai R, Iwawaki T, FEBS Lett584:1066-10702010
  • IRE1α disruption causes histological abnormality of exocrine tissues, increase of blood glucose level, and decrease of serum immunoglobulin level, Iwawaki T, Akai R, Kohno K, PLoS ONE5:e130522010
  • A transgenic mouse model for monitoring oxidative stress, Oikawa D, Akai R, Tokuda M, Iwawaki T, Sci Rep2:2292012
  • Evaluating experimental cerebral malaria using oxidative stress indicator OKD48 mice, Imai T, Iwawaki T, Akai R, Suzue K, Hirai M, Taniguchi T, Okada H, Hisaeda H44:681-6852014
  • Constitutive role of GADD34 and CReP in cancellation of phospho-eIF2α-dependent translational attenuation and insulin biosynthesis in pancreatic β cells, Akai R, Hosoda A, Yoshino M, Iwawaki T20:871-8862015
  • Transgenic mouse model for imaging of interleukin-1β-related inflammation in vivo, Iwawaki T, Akai R, Oikawa D, Toyoshima T, Yoshino M, Suzuki M, Takeda N, Ishikawa TO, Kataoka Y, Yamamura K5:172052015
  • Transgenic mouse model for imaging of ATF4 translational activation-related cellular stress responses in vivo, Iwawaki T, Akai R, Toyoshima T, Takeda N, Ishikawa T, Yamamura K7:462302017
  • Protective effect of mesenchymal stem cells on the pressure ulcer formation by the regulation of oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress, Motegi SI, Sekiguchi A, Uchiyama A, Uehara A, Fujiwara C, Yamazaki S, Perera B, Nakamura H, Ogino S, Yokoyama Y, Akai R, Iwawaki T, Ishikawa O7:171862017
  • IRE1α governs cytoskeleton remodelling and cell migration through a direct interaction with filamin A, Urra H, Henriquez DR, Cánovas J, Villarroel-Campos D, Carreras-Sureda A, Pulgar E, Molina E, Hazari YM, Limia CM, Alvarez-Rojas S, Figueroa R, Vidal RL, Rodriguez DA, Rivera CA, Court FA, Couve A, Qi L, Chevet E, Akai R, Iwawaki T, Concha ML, Glavic Á, Gonzalez-Billault C, Hetz C, Nat Cell Biol20:942-9532018
  • Botulinum toxin B suppresses the pressure ulcer formation in cutaneous ischemia-reperfusion injury mouse model: Possible regulation of oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress, Sekiguchi A, Motegi SI, Uchiyama A, Uehara A, Fujiwara C, Yamazaki S, Perera B, Nakamura H, Ogino S, Yokoyama Y, Akai R, Iwawaki T, Ishikawa O, J Dermatol Sci90:144-1532018
  • Inhibitory effect of kaempferol on skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis by the suppression of oxidative stress, (Sekiguchi A), Motegi SI, Fujiwara C, Yamazaki S, Inoue Y, Uchiyama A, Akai R, Iwawaki T, Ishikawa O, Journal of Dermatological Science96:8-17Oct. 2019
  • Zinc deficiency exacerbates pressure ulcers by increasing oxidative stress and ATP in the skin, (Nakamura H), Sekiguchi A, Ogawa Y, Kawamura T, Akai R, Iwawaki T, Makiguchi T, Yokoo S, Ishikawa O, Motegi SI, Journal of dermatological science95:62-69Aug. 2019

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