KYUJI Kazuyo

FacultyHuman Sciences
PositionSenior Assistant Professor

Researcher Profile & Settings


    Overview of research:
    Nursing Students and Proffessional Sprit


  • Bukkyo University

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Self purchase of catheter supplies and the hardship associated with urinary homecare patients, Y.Kohno, S.Maeda, M.Moriyama, T.Shimasaki, T.Kanda, K.Kyuji38(supplⅠ):106-108Dec. 2011
  • A study of the goods supply system from hospital to outpatients with intermittent self-catheterization(ISC), S.Maeda, M.Moriyama, T.Shimasaki, T.Kanda, Y.Kohno, K.Kyuji38(supplⅠ):109-111Dec. 2011
  • The anxiety and types of problems encountered by homecare patients during an intermittent self-catheterization, K.Kyuji, S.Maeda, M.Moriyama, T.Shimasaki, T.Kanda, Y.Kohno38(supplⅠ): 103-105Dec. 2011
  • Current status of long-term indwelling urinary catheter management by visiting nurses., S.Maeda, T.Takiuti, T.Komatsu, Y.Kohno, K.Kyuji, International journal of urological nursing7:76-84Jul. 2013

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