FacultyDepartment of Medical Education, Community Medicine
PositionAssociate Professor

Researcher Profile & Settings


    Overview of research:
    Community-based Medical Education, General Practice, General Paediatrics


  • Mie University, Faculty of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine
  • Flinders University, Faculty of Education, Master of Education
  • Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University (Now Toyama University), Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Science)
  • Master of Education

Association Memberships

  • Apr. 1998Japan Pediatric Society Member
  • Oct. 2009Japan Society for Medical Education Member
  • Oct. 2009Japan Primary Care Association Member
  • Apr. 2012The Association for Medical Education in Europe Member
  • Jul. 2017Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Member
  • Apr. 2019Common Achievement Tests Organization

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Apr. 1998Mar. 1999Ishikawa Min-iren Jouhoku Hospital, Department of General Practice
  • Apr. 1999Mar. 2000Ishikawa Min-iren Terai Hospital, Department of General Practice
  • Apr. 2000Mar. 2001Ishikawa Min-iren Jouhoku Hospital, Department of Paediatrics
  • Apr. 2001Mar. 2002Osaka Doujin-kai Mimihara General Hospital, Department of Paediatrics
  • Apr. 2002Jun. 2002Kindai University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Paediatric Cardiology
  • Jul. 2002Dec. 2006Ishikawa Min-iren Jouhoku Hospital, Department of General Practice / Paediatrics
  • Jan. 2007Dec. 2008Flinders University, Master of Education (Clinical Education&Cognitive Psychology)
  • Aug. 2007Jul. 2008Flinder University Clinical Simulation Unit, Research Fellow
  • Aug. 2008Feb. 2009Flinders University Rural Clinical School, Research Fellow
  • Mar. 2009Aug. 2009Flinders University Rural Clinical School, Assistant Professor
  • Sep. 2009Aug. 2012Kanazawa Johoku Hospital, Center of Community-based Medical Education, Director
  • Sep. 2012Jul. 2014Mie University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of IGA Community Medicine, Senior Assistant Professor
  • Aug. 2014Mar. 2015Kanazawa Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Edcation, Senior Assistant Professor
  • Apr. 2015Sep. 2019Kanazawa Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Education, Senior Assistant Professor
  • Oct. 2019Kanazawa Medical University, Faculty of Medicine Department of Medical Education Associate Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Experience of receiving care by interns reduces psychological barrier of community residents to further care in Japan., Takamura Akiteru;Morimoto Takeshi, Rural and remote health18:46132018
  • Rural Health in Japan: Past and future., A.Takamura, M.Matsumoto, S.Ishikawa., Rural and Remote Health17:4521Dec. 2017
  • Recurrent Translent Perivascular Inflammation of the Carotid artery syndrome with temporary carotid plaque on ultrasonography: a case report, Akiteru.Takamura, Ariyuki.Hori, Clinical Case Reports5:1847-1851Nov. 2017
  • Community and Interns' Perspectives on Community-Participatory Medical Education: From Passive to Active Participation., Takamura Akiteru;Misaki Hidekazu;Takemura Yousuke, Family medicine49:507-513Jul. 2017
  • Quality of basic life support education and automated external defibrillator setting in schools in Ishikawa, Japan, Takamura, Akiteru;Ito, Sayori;Maruyama, Kaori;Ryo, Yusuke;Saito, Manami;Fujimura, Shuhei;Ishiura, Yuna;Hori, Ariyuki, PEDIATRICS INTERNATIONAL59:352-356Mar. 2017
  • Diagnosis of myxedema coma complicated by renal failure: a case report, Akiteru.Takamura, R.Sangen, Y.Furumura, D.Usuda, Y.Kasamaki, T.Kanda, Clinical Case Reports5:399-402Feb. 2017
  • The new era of postgraduate certified general practice training in Japan., A.Takamura, Education for primary care27:409-412Jul. 2016
  • The present circumstance of primary care in Japan, A.Takamura, Quality in Primary Care23:262-266Mar. 2015
  • Overcoming challenges in primary care education: a trial of a longitudinal integrated clerkship in a rural community hospital setting in Japan., A.Takamura, K.Ie, Y.Takemura, Education for Primary Care26:122-126Mar. 2015
  • Attraction and Retention of health professionals in rural clinical setting., Flinders University, Master of Education, Dissertation0:0-0Dec. 2008
  • Paediatric basic training for interns in relatively small size private teaching hospital Situational analysis, A.Takamura0:0-0Jul. 2008
  • What is the attribution of the doctors who feel bad at examining child patients at ER at night? And can attribution retraining change their attribution and self-confidence?, Flinders University, Master of Education, Dissertation0:0-0Dec. 2007
  • What is the motivation and difficulty that the new doctor who doesn’t want to be a pediatrician in future has during their training at the department of pediatrics. Influencing new doctors’ motivations to study pediatrics by cognitive instructive intervention?, Flinders Univerisity, Master of Education, Dissertation0:0-0Jul. 2007
  • Identifying the learning objectives of clinical clerkship in community health in Japan: Focus group, (Daisuke Kato), Hideki Wakabayashi, Akiteru Takamura, Yousuke C Takemura, Journal of general and family medicine21:3-8Mar. 2020
  • Good clinical teachers in pediatrics: The perspective of pediatricians in Japan, (Katsumi Nishiya), Shinichiro Sekiguchi, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Akiteru Takamura, Hiroshi Wada, Eri Konishi, Takuya Saiki, Koji Tsunekawa, Kazuhiko Fujisaki, Yasuyuki Suzuki, Pediatrics international : official journal of the Japan Pediatric Society62:549-555May 2020

Awards & Honors

  • May 2019 Japan Primary Care Association Best Reviewer Award
    Akiteru Takamura
  • Aug. 2018 JAPAN MEDICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION Kaketa Prize Community and Interns’perspectives on community-participatory medical education ~From passive to active participation~.

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